Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting this thing started!

So today I am starting this new journey of blogging!... I don't expect much in return!... but I think it will be neat to look back on the year's accomplishments and creations!  The boys are growing faster than I could have ever imagined and daily I am sad at all the time that has passed... It feels like Caiden was born yesterday but in fact he is now 2 working on 3!  Dakota is almost taller than I am! Mason is catching up to Dakota in size fast and Trey is no longer my baby; which is something I thought would never happen!  Corey and I are enjoying some much needed adult time now that we have a sitter here at the house, we love to just go out alone and do things as a couple again!  We added a fur baby to our family and he is fitting in just right!  Sierra is sadly not able to sleep with us anymore, her joints won't let her jump up on the bed... but she happily rests on the couch still!

In our travels back up to the northern part of the east coast I have lost my crafting bug... I am committed to get it back!  I am so happy creating and preserving those memories.  I am thinking of re-signing with CTMH this year but will think hard before I commit.  I got the new Cricut Imagine from my boys this fall on it's debut to the market; but haven't used it once!  I am gonna roll up my sleeves and get to work finding my happy place back in my crafting corner! Today I am off to create a card for my MD Stampers shoebox swap on 1/15... I will post pics as soon as I figure out how too!...


  1. YAY! Good For You! I cant wait to see All your creations! Welcome to the Blog World!
    Your Good Friend
    Crafy is Happy! lol ;o)

  2. Happy New Year my friend and here's 3 cheers to your blogeventure!!

  3. Happy New Year!!! I'm looking forward to reading all about the boys and seeing your creations!! Can't wait to see you again at the swap!!